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Rockland Band Rocks The Bay School

In March 2017, The Bay School welcomed Spring View Middle School and Rocklin High School Bands to perform live jazz music for our students and staff on our new playground! One of our students joined in by playing the bongos for a couple songs, while other students danced and cheered for all the musicians. Many of the band members spent time with our students in between sets, playing soccer and dancing—it was truly a special event for everyone! As the concert went on our students were joined by parents and bus drivers to create a true party atmosphere as the bands extended their performance right up until it was time to go home. The concert was well attended and enjoyed by all.

One of the Rocklin High School parent volunteers shared, “I must admit, I was initially a bit apprehensive about how your students might react to a big loud jazz band, but my concern immediately faded when I saw the interest and smiles appear as the music started to play. I was very impressed with just how supportive Mr. Toohey was and the dedication your entire staff showed in helping make this a positive life event for your students. I came away from the afternoon not only inspired by the music, but also by the caring professionalism of your staff and the receptiveness of your students.”

Many thanks to Jeremiah Jacks, Spring View Middle School and Rocklin High School for their enthusiastic performance!